Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Creative Space

I'm busy adding hangtags and labels to some last minute sewing for this weekend's Easter Markets. You will find me on Saturday at the Magenta Makers Easter Fair at the Australian Inland Botanical Gardens and on Sunday at my usual spot at the Red Cliffs Country Markets. Saturday's market at the Gardens is expected to be a huge event with an anticipated 2000+ people through the gates for the morning - Easter is a huge event in our town! Be early if you want to stock up on your fresh fruit and veg as well as checking out the fantastic local handmakers that are a part of the Magenta Makers Craft Fairs.

I am also 38 weeks pregnant today - time has certainly crept up with that one! All is going well, I just hope this little one stays put til after this weekend's markets! Then I might be able to put my feet up for a day or two ; )

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  1. Anna, make sure you do put your feet up very soon! I look forward to your news x

  2. Anna, good luck, wish i was there to shop at your market !


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