Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Creative Space

Its a snapping good day today as my new range of winter cord pinny's are getting the finishing touches done to them with double snaps on each shoulder strap - more winter sneak peaks to come : )
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

For the Boys - "MuddiPIES"

Finally some sewing for the boys! These cute little singlet and short sets are off to a new wholesaler - MuddiPIES. They don't have a website yet, but are set up like a little travelling boutique in NSW. So basically customers can place an order with them for their choice of set and size, I make it to order and post it off. There will also be a third option of the shorts in denim with the pockets in another contrasting fabric that I am yet to pick. Freehand applique tie and patch on the singlets, and one side and one back pocket on the shorts.

And the shorts are "real" shorts. Not the shorts you buy a the shops for little boys that hang down between the knee and the ankle and should really be called 3/4 pants and not shorts. I have never been able to find shorts that actually sit just on the knee or just above for my little man and it is a constant request from customers . . . but these little cuties do : )

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Creative Space

Patchwork Scarves are on the agenda today. This is a new design for Winter that I originally thought to add in for the little ones but found that they are really a OSFM (one size fits most) from little people to big people! Lined with flannel and backed with soft cord I am hoping these are a hit at the markets. My original measurements were to have them 6 inches wide, but have cut them down to 4 inches wide and we'll see how they go. I have 25 more all cut out and ready to sew, busy busy days!
And my in-house model Miss M modelling the larger width sized one . . .

More winter sneak peaks coming soon,
with the official release of all my new designs on the 2nd March 2010 : )

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Creative Space

Its a busy day today!
New fabrics and other crafty goodness arriving from the US

Sewing has begun on that mountain load of dresses to make

A wholesale order of dresses and crayon rolls to a new store I am supplying too is getting packed up

And more dresses are getting cut out ready to be sewn for Mathilda's in 3 weeks time
Argh, just 3 weeks left to get ready - I need more time!
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Friday, February 5, 2010

Something new for the shop

I lost my sewjo last night, so today I have been distracted by creating something new and here they are. I found these hair elastics at the shops today and fiddled around this afternoon with creating these very cute headbands that will look very cute on little ones. I might make a few more over the weekend and see how they go at the markets on Sunday.

Sewing will be back in full swing tomorrow with hubby home after the week working away.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Creative Space

I have so much I NEED to do right now that I have piles of half started stuff everyone in my sewing room and the mess is driving me mad! I have 4 weeks left to get myself ready for Mathilda's Markets in Adelaide in March. I don't really have a clue how much stock I should be taking but I am guessing a LOT! And then I have no idea how I am going to set up as the stall space is MUCH smaller than I am used to. I do have a plan stuck on the wall of how many of everything I would like to take - which includes 100 dresses! Being that it will be the ending of summer and I will be releasing my new winter collection that same week I am planning to take 3 of my summer styles and 4 new winter syles of dresses -
so far I have 16 dresses finished and 30 cut out and ready to sew . . .

and then there is everything else to make . . .

So my creative space today involves one slightly frazzled mummy needed a good kick start of some serious motivation to continue on sewing and crafting - oh, this baby is making sure of that giving me plenty of kicks and nudges! 30 weeks today, where has that time gone!

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Hushabye Quilts

I opened my "Hushabye" by Tula Pink jelly roll earlier this week and created two cot size (approx. 110x130cm) very quick quilt tops to finish and take to Mathilda's in Adelaide in March. The first I pieced together 24 random strips including all the pink ones from the roll then sliced in half, turned one half around and pieced the two long pieces together. The second one doesn't have any pink in it and I think the colours would be great for a little boy. This I have just left the strips as sewn - I had to add in 8 extra strips to get my 24 strips in total of some coffee coloured quilters cottons I picked up at spotlight. The spotted fabric I am using to back both quilts, not sure about the binding yet.

Girls quilt

Boys quilt - Miss M loves to 'help' measure everything with my measuring tape.

Apologies for the terrible photos once again - I am in serious need of a new camera, the colours really are much better in real life.

Now I just need to decide how to quilt these. I was first inspired to make these quick quilts like this after seeing the quilt Helen made for Ingrid's new little girl last year.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter Sewing

Even though we are still experiencing some days of 40 degree temps, winter sewing is happening here under the air-conditioning. Yesterday I went through and found a few cords from last winter and then headed off to the local fabric shop to stock up ready to get stuck into my winter collection for tillytom. Just over 40 metres of corduroy in pinwale and widewale in a good selection of colours, plus about 12 metres of denim to get me started. I wonder how long that will last . . . ? Today's job - washing it all!

Sneak peaks for some of my new designs coming soon. I will be releasing my winter collection in the first week of March with the first lot being offered for sale at the Mathilda's Markets in Adelaide in March : )