Thursday, August 26, 2010

EB Kids Clothes Swap 2010 - sneak peak #3

Sneak peak at the second outfit I am working on for a little boy . . .

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

EB Kids Clothes Swap 2010 - sneak peak #2

A quick sneak peak at the first outfit I am doing for the kids clothing swap.
Almost finished, just a mountain load of top-stitching to be done : )

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Spring/Summer 2010/11 Collection - photoshoot . . .

Yesterday morning we had the photoshoot for some of my spring/summer 2010 pieces. 4 little models braved the very cool outdoor weather - with thankfully no rain! Here is just a peak at my little Miss M showing off just one of the new dresses, more photos to come next week. A very special thanks to our photographer Angela of little fingers photography. Take a look at her gorgeous work - we have booked ourselves in for a family session just before Christmas and I can't wait!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

EB Kids Clothes Swap 2010 - sneak peaks

I am taking part in the EB Kids Clothes Swap again this year. Basically you make an outfit for one person's little one and in return somebody else will make an outfit for your little one. I volunteered both Master T and Miss M this year so in return I have to make two seperate outfits for two different children.
The first outfit is cut out and started for a little boy and just needs some little extras to go with it. Sneak peak of that to come shortly.
The second outfit is I think going to be a big task, as its a pattern I have had in my stash for quite a while now which until now I had looked at and told myself, too hard, don't have time. But now, even though time is not a lot I have of these day, I am going to tackle it and bought the fabrics for just the bottom part of it today;
I hope to make a start on this one on Monday : )

More sneak peaks to come.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mallee Almond Blossom Festival

We are off to the Mallee Almond Blossom Festival tomorrow for the day. If you are in the Mildura/Robinvale area - pop on out to Kyndalyn Park Almond Orchard just outside Robinvale on the Murray Valley Highway for a day of fine foods, wines and arts by talented locals in the area. Under a huge marquee you will find lots of yummy foods & wines plus lots of stalls of arts and crafts.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesday . . .

More here : )

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sugar and Spice Road Trip

Woo Hoo! You will be able to find us at the Sugar and Spice Markets in Woodend in September. I had been hoping to make a Melbourne market this year and we will be nearly all the way there. Woodend will be about a 5 hour car trip for us each way, so hubby is going to be coming with little Nate and I this market so that we can drive all the way home afterwards and he can negotiate the wildlife on the road in the dark for the last few hours home.

photo from Sugar and Spice blog

So please put the date in your diary and pop on up or down to Woodend for the day - Sunday 12th September - for a gorgeous little boutique market full of unique, handmade goodies.

Monday, August 9, 2010

At my house . . .

To get myself back into some regular blogging, I am playing along with Lou today in her regular Monday blog post about what is happening "at my house".
The oldest two are busy doing some watercolour paintings at the kitchen bench. I picked up these little paint sets at Kmart for just $3 each, bargain!
And this little man turned 4 months old on Saturday, goodness me where has that time gone!

Pop by Lou's page to see what's happening at her house, she's been to Ikea - I LOVE Ikea - unfortunately the nearest store is about 5 hours drive away : (

Friday, August 6, 2010

Ladies Shopping Night - Werrimull Hall

I am just about to start packing up the car with all my market stock for a Ladies Shopping Night out at the Werrimull Hall. Werrimull is a small town not quite an hours drive from Mildura, off the main highway between Mildura and the SA border. It has a pub, school, corner store, police station and a church and is central to around 85 farms in the area. Hopefully there aren't too many skippy's on the road on the way home.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Creative Space

Something new for Summer that I am working on today in between sewing some orders. Its pretty and girly and a little old fashioned, so we'll see how I go. Stay tuned for the finished product in a few days . . .
For more lovely creative spaces go HERE : )

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

hello blog . . .

its been a while . . .
I am easily distracted by the little people in the house : )

I can't believe Spring/Summer is just around the corner. A photoshoot is all booked with the lovely Angela of Little Fingers Photography for just a couple of weeks time - check out her beautiful photography! I can't wait, and just hope the weather behaves and offers us a warm sunny morning on the day of the shoot!

I have a huge amount of sewing still to get through and a couple of wholesale orders to finish.

For those of you in Brisbane, pop in see Libby at Mini Boutique for some gorgeous new dresses in stock now : )

And for those of you in Canberra, stock for the lovely Katie at MissChief Maker is busily being made and will be in store in late August : ) Three gorgeous designs on their way - all OOAK (one of kind) fabric combinations.

The poor blog has been a little neglected lately, but I promise to get back to blogging now and show you some of what will be coming this Summer in just a few more weeks time . . .