Thursday, May 23, 2013

{thermomix} the arrival . . .

Last week I had a thermomix demo at home with some friends and was totally convinced that I needed this machine in my kitchen. Today my new thermi arrived at lunchtime with my fabulous consultant Sarah. After a quick run through of how to operate it, I put Master 3 to bed and got busy cooking.

I started with Anzac biscuits. Simple and easy to make and quick to bake. These will definitely be a go-to recipe for biscuits and everyone was happy with the result. Anzac's are also hubby's favourite biscuit, so thought this might help convince him the thermi was money well spent ; )

Then some pizza dough, which was equally quick and easy to make and after a short amount of time proving in the serving dish I made the kids dinner - a ham & cheese pizza, as well as a herb and garlic pizza to go with our dinner.

At dinner time while Master 7 read me his reader book at the kitchen bench, I put on a pumpkin, tomato and spinach risotto. 20 minutes later and it was done - no need to stand there and stir as it did it all for me - yay! The risotto turned out ok - not fantastic as it seemed a little gluggy, so for next time I need to check it as its going, as to whether it needs a splash more liquid. But otherwise, yum!

And finally for dessert - hot chocolate custard - which was awesome!

I'm looking forward to another busy cooking day tomorrow - I wonder what will be for dinner tomorrow night?!

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