Thursday, February 18, 2010

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Patchwork Scarves are on the agenda today. This is a new design for Winter that I originally thought to add in for the little ones but found that they are really a OSFM (one size fits most) from little people to big people! Lined with flannel and backed with soft cord I am hoping these are a hit at the markets. My original measurements were to have them 6 inches wide, but have cut them down to 4 inches wide and we'll see how they go. I have 25 more all cut out and ready to sew, busy busy days!
And my in-house model Miss M modelling the larger width sized one . . .

More winter sneak peaks coming soon,
with the official release of all my new designs on the 2nd March 2010 : )

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  1. They are VERY cute. I like the patchwork look, and flannel sounds lovely. (Cute model, too!)

  2. Beautiful scarves! She's a very cute model indeed. Okay, so what is OSFM. I'm sure it's obvious to everyone but me! Cathy

  3. Lovely work & i agree, my children love scarves but some are tiny & short. I like a good statement. Gorgeous model, too adorable. Love Posie

  4. Oh your little model, she's just drowning in scarf there! How adorable.

  5. The scarves are lovely - perfect for winter!

  6. Those scarbes are beautiful - I will take one, especially if it comes with Miss Tilly.


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