Monday, August 9, 2010

At my house . . .

To get myself back into some regular blogging, I am playing along with Lou today in her regular Monday blog post about what is happening "at my house".
The oldest two are busy doing some watercolour paintings at the kitchen bench. I picked up these little paint sets at Kmart for just $3 each, bargain!
And this little man turned 4 months old on Saturday, goodness me where has that time gone!

Pop by Lou's page to see what's happening at her house, she's been to Ikea - I LOVE Ikea - unfortunately the nearest store is about 5 hours drive away : (


  1. What a lovely big work bench! Did you make those adorable overalls? what pattern is that? How much has he grown *sighs* ....

  2. Yes it is a great bench! I LOVE my kitchen. Would you believe the island bench in our kitchen is actually 6 metres long! When we built this house we decided it was to be our "forever house" so we didn't do things by halves!

    Sorry Mel, didn't make the overalls, they are pumpkin patch and super cute!

  3. I had a crafty morning with my daughter today too! Your kids are gorgeous! xo

  4. Your children certainly are looking very well behaved and happy up there on that super long, super cool bench - and a cheeky smile from your little one - 4 months old - SO cute!

    Speaking of IKEA, I think I spot an IKEA highchair over in the back corner of the photo there... I will have to let everyone know when I am going next time, take orders, and have my own IKEA postal or pick up service..hmmm.. there's an idea :)

    Thanks for joining in with 'at my house...' this week. Lou.

  5. what a great space for them to be creative in!!


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