Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A new direction . . .

Warning: a bit of rambling ahead . . .

For quite a few months now I have been pondering the decision of what to do with my little business. Do I let it take me in the direction it is heading? And where is that exactly? Or do I make some changes? New products prehaps? Not really sure?

I love doing the markets and will most definitley continue to do these - but carting around so much stock is definitely a big task - not to mention keeping up with the making of all the different products I make for the markets!

I've tried a few different things these past few months. Adding in some new products to compliment my range including products by; The Little Humbugs, Pink Apple, Babylegs, B.Box & cute little suitcase sets. But then of course that just means more stock to cart around to the markets ; )

So I am thinking its time to make some firm decisions. I love my business, and I love doing the children's clothing the most. The clothing is where I started with the business and I love experimenting with different designs, fabrics and ideas. These past few months I have developed an obsession with Japanese fabrics and the way the simplest clothing designs can become a work of art with these beautiful fabrics.

And so, I have made a plan. A new direction. I plan to steer my little business towards solely catering for children's clothing, with only a few accessories to compliment the clothing range. It will be out with the crayon rolls, drawing wallets, bunting, dolls, nappy wallets, quilts, the multitude of hair accessories, and all those other little extras I have added in the last few months. And in with a new range of clothing for girls AND boys. Beautiful new designs. Gorgeous new fabrics. And I also hope to get back into wholesaling, which I have closed myself off to this year for a wide range of reasons.

It will begin with a serious sale on all the products I plan to remove from my range in late May, followed by a new Summer Collection later in the year and I look forward to seeing where I can take my little label.

I also plan on getting back to regular blogging about all things crafty, kids, cooking, some tutorials and lots more.

Thankyou for reading if you got this far. I do love blogging, and plan to get back to blogging including reading the many many blogs I love to follow and read.


  1. Good on you. Sounds like a good plan!! I love the Japansese fabrics too!!
    We always try to do too much - i know from my own experience - so it is great you are focusing on what you love!! xx

  2. Just wanted to say congratulations on the decision.
    Look forward to the sale and you upcoming range.

  3. you sound so like me Anna, somehow we end up making all this different 'stuff' to fill things out, to see how they go and then it all ends up so hard, when really what we want to do is right there in front of us. I too cut out a whole heap of products and am so much better for it. Good luck! x

  4. Sounds great Anna, well done on making a great, but probably tough, decision for your business. I look forward to seeing the new ranges!

  5. Well done on getting the decisions made Anna, that's always the hard bit. Keep up all the hard work!


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