Monday, July 23, 2012

{how to . . .} make a storage/cutting table combo

After posting a photo of my new storage/cutting table combo on my facebook page a few days ago, I've had quite a few requests for info on how to make/what it cost? So here it is!

Your shopping list!
(you'll need to go to Ikea and Bunnings)

Ikea - 2 x Expedit Shelving Units
$119.00 each
 Ikea - 1 x Vika Amon Table Top (150cm x 75cm - perfect fit!)
$59.00 each
Bunnings - Length of Structural Pine - MGP10
70x45mm 2.4 length (and ask the lovely sales person to cut it into 3 x 750mm (75cm) lengths)
$7.39 for the 2.4m length

Bunnings - Double Sided Tape (any will do). I used an outdoor strength one by Norton.
$8.56 roll

How to make!
Assemble your two expedit units and place them in your desired location on their sides, and side by side to each other to create your rectangle bench.

Lay your table top with the wrong side facing up and place your 3 lengths of pine cut to fit just in from each end and in the middle and mark with a pencil where they are.

Cut your lengths of double sided tape to fit the length of each piece of pine and attached to one side (the 45mm width side of the timber). Stick these down on your marked areas of the wrong side of the table top.

**NOTE: If you are a s shorter person, you may find the finished height of this table too high, so you could put your tape on the 70mm width side of the pine lengths to bring the finished height down 2.5cm.

Cut 3 more length of the double sided tape to fit the pine and place them on the side of pine that will rest on the expedit unit tops. Remove the backing and with the help of a friend, flip the top over and position correctly on top of the expedit units to centre the table top.

The way I positioned my pine pieces was so there was an overhang of the table each end and two shelves in the middle (great spot for storage of rulers, pattern pieces, etc.)

Total cost: $312.95

The finished height of the table is 90cm, which is the same as our kitchen bench and I find a good working height for cutting out fabric.

Any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Happy crafting : )

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  1. My sewing room needs a makeover, I have over half my fabrics in storage boxes - I have no idea what's in there! This looks so great and easy to do, I might try and inspire my hubby to help with this! Well done!


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