Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Creative Space

Its back for 2010! Join in the fun HERE!
Today I am working on stuff ready for this Saturday's brand new niche market in our area. Designed just for handmakers, I am hoping that it will bring lots of fabulous handmakers out of the woodwork and lots of browsing and buying customers to purchase some amazingly gorgeous handmade goodies by local makers. So today it is drawing wallets that are being sewn up, together with a bit of quilting and lots of pattern drafting with more Winter 2010 designs popping up in my head.
Master T & Miss M had a wonderful morning also being very creative with the playdough. According to Master T this is our house (on the left), our puppy dog Millie (the little gren blob on the right) and her kennel in the middle (the orange blob). Now we don't have a chimney so when I enquired as to what the stick with the shape on top was, his reply was the pathway to our beachhouse . . . oh that would be lovely wouldn't it : )
Don't forget to check out all the crafty talent participating : )


  1. Oh play dough, wasn't it the best thing ever!!?? My 3rd daughter would eat it, like toothpaste, it had to be monitored!! Didn't matter how much salt i put in the mix, she loved to eat play dough. Love Posie

  2. Looks like you're pretty busy! Our ironing board is often used as a temporary storage space for fabric etc. Hope the market goes well.

  3. Love the path to the beach house.

  4. I can so relate to your ironing board situation! Good luck at the market. Nic

  5. So glad to hear that someone has finally instigated a decent craft market in Sunraysia! (And it's even being advertised!!)

  6. Great creativity in your place. Nothing like realism with a little daydreaming thrown in!


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