Sunday, January 31, 2010

Completed Quilt for Miss M

Finally its done! This is biggest quilt I have made so far (approx. 60 inch x 76 inch) for Miss M's new "big girl" king single bed. I finished off sewing the binding down tonight after having it sitting staring at me waiting for me to do this for quite a few weeks now. I FMQ'd the entire quilt standing up at my sewing machine as I found it impossible to manovere the weight of the quilt under the machine, especially with a pregnant belly in the way! If I decide to make another quilt this big in the future I think I will send it off to be done by someone with a professional quilting frame, much easier!
Completed top - with the 11 blocks plus my 1 block completed as part of the EB Newbie Quilters RR Block Swap we did over the last 6 months of 2009
Completed backing - 108 6inch squares. The strip up the entire right side is 2.5inch squares of fabric from everyones fabrics used in the swap. 36 2.5inch squares in total
Close up of the FMQ on the top - I went with a slightly larger spaced quilting than I usually do to get it done faster

Close up of the back

Miss M's new room. I have painted the feature wall, made the quilt, flags and curtains. And I need to order some prints for the walls and it will be finished. And then we just have to convince Miss M that yes she can sleep in here so the new bubba can sleep in her cot . . . she is not keen.

Apologies for the terrible photos - will try and get some better ones in the daylight tomorrow.

Yesterday's market went well, although could have been a little busier with prehaps a slightly younger crowd, but a good first one for the year.


  1. Looks great, well done. Aren't you hot quilting in Summer time & don't you have a baby in your belly too?? Happy planning the next one!! Love Posie

  2. Looks fantastic Anna, great job. I love the pieced backing!

    Nic xxx

  3. Looks Awesome Anna :) I love how you incorporated the strip of all our fabrics!


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