Sunday, January 3, 2010

EB RR Block Swap - Quilt top for Miss M

Just before Christmas I received my 12 blocks as part of the EB Newbie Quilts Round Robin Block Swap. Basically it involved 12 of us making up the same 12 blocks in each other's fabrics. We each used 3 different coloured fabrics with one main background colour for each block - my fabrics used are a fat quarter pack of Anna Griffin's 'Riley' collection, which is now just about all gone. The swap was completed in just under 6 months (blocks are 12 inch square). It is a little confusing to explain the swap, but basically I got back 12 different blocks in my own fabrics.
I am using the blocks to make a new quilt for Miss M's new big girl bed she is getting for her 2nd birthday in less than a couple of weeks time. So today I finished off the quilt top. I decided on plain white sashing and used up the scraps that came back to me to do a border around that. The finished size is approx. 60 inches x 76 inches to go on her King Single bed. I am still working on the backing and then it will need to be sandwiched and FMQ'd - all in my spare time ; )

Completed quilt top

Close up of 6 of the blocks

Close up of the other 6 blocks

I was worried there was just a little too much pink in the blocks when I got them back, but now with the white sashing and the border I am pretty happy with how it is looking. I am seaching for some curtain fabric to go with this now and am having lots of problems trying to find something suitable. Definitely not pink - I am thinking a green of some sort similar to the paler green in the fabrics, as I would also like to do a feature wall in green similar to this, maybe a little darker, in Miss M's new room.


  1. OMG, Anna that looks amazing, I had the same thought as you about the pink when I was bundling them up but with the plain sashing and boarder, Wow is all I can say. I hope Miss M likes it :)

  2. Wow, Anna, that looks fantastic. I wondered how your background fabric would go too, esp when you add the stripy factor (I didn't know what to do with it lol!), but it really looks great. I'd go with a green for the curtains, or if you do the green feature wall, perhaps even orange for something really fun! I can't wait to get mine together now...

  3. that looks fantastic Anna - have fun decorating your little Miss M's room!

    Nic xxx

  4. Lovely quilting, beautiful colours & styling. I've seen your work at MissChiefMaker here in Canberra, all very sweet. Shame my 4 have grown up really, hmmm . . . love Posie

  5. They look so great all sewn together, and I absolutely love the outer border, it really ties it all together. I really have to get to mine this year! :)


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