Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day #21 ~ Where have I been?

Giving this little bloke lots of cuddles.
It seems he has developed a serious case of seperation anxiety and can't go a minute without mummy out of his sight, hmmm. Not much sewing had been happening, a few late nights and early mornings are beginning to happen now and I am slightly stressing about not being ready for Mathilda's Markets at the end of this month in Adelaide.
I am sure I have plenty of stock, I would just prefer to have too much stock than not quite enough ; ) I still have 3 quilt tops to put together, quilt and bind that I would love to get finished for the market, not to mentioned the 30 or so dresses in various stages; cut out, need overlocking, just need hemming, just need labels & elastic threaded that are patiently waiting to be finished.
Oh well, lets see how today goes . . .


  1. Very cute! Loving his biscuit too! We have had a few late nights and early mornings too, as hard as it is, good to know not alone!

  2. Don't you love when their food looks like its supposed to be part of their clothing lol


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