Monday, January 24, 2011

Photo a Week #4

A couple of photos this week that I took yesterday to show the height of the river here. Before Christmas the Weir was taken out and the river has been rising quite fast now and is expected to go much higher in the coming weeks as the 'inland sea' that is moving through Victoria reaches us in the coming days. Caravan parks along the river are becoming empty as they prepare to be inundated with the water. These photos I took with my phone yesterday down at a local caravan park called 'Apex Park'. This park is also a usually popular Summer destination for locals and tourists as it features a 'beach' area - a huge sandbar. As you can see by the photos, no sandbar and if you look closely you can see the trees well out in to the water.


  1. Good luck with those flood waters, we are thinking of Victoria & NSW too, not just Qld. Stay dry, love Posie

  2. Oh congratulations Anna, you won my Qld Auction Raffle!! Please send me your address & contact details, yippee, love Posie


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