Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Turning 3

My gorgeous girl is 3 today. Where has the time gone, growing up so fast, she is a lover of books, butterflies and fairies, the colour pink and a girly girl who also loves to play trucks with her big brother and dotes over her little brother.
Just a few hours old
Those big blue eyes and never ending eyelashes
First steps at just 12 months old

Mummy's little model

Happy birthday gorgeous girl x


  1. She is just gorgeous! Happy 3rd Birthday to your precious little one. We are definitely in sync Anna! My little man (also my 2nd) turned 3 on the 9th of January!!!

  2. I know.. My little girl turned 3 last week too.. It went so fast! Sob!

  3. So gorgeous... thanks for sharing! ~ Christine


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