Friday, September 18, 2009

Fabric goodness!

Some new fabrics that arrived in the post today all destined for fabric button accessories; hair button ties, pins and clips, sewing button sets, button earrings, button bracelets, button brooches and more!

Kelani Fabric

Retromummy (including a freebie of some super cute ladybugs)

And another go at some applique on a little bodysuit. I realised cutting out the designs it was going to be fiddly being some small, but cute anyway, and a good little gift to put away for someone having a girl. I have 5 friends all due with babies in October/November so surely one of them will have a girl!


  1. That circles fabric looks great for buttons/hair ties etc. Another fabulous applique job! Its gorgeous.

  2. Love the appliqué. I bet you will do it all the time now! I see you bought some robots from Retro Mummy. It's very cute - you have good taste!

  3. That applique is simply adorable!!!! I love it! Yummy fabric there too - I love the middle one in the top pic and all of those retromummy ones have won my heart - I love tiny prints! Too cute.


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