Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mini Quiches

Are you like me and struggle to get your little ones to eat their vegies? I have resorted to Master T drinking V8 juice (which he actually loves!) just to get some vegies into him. Anyway, someone past this recipe onto me some time ago and it is one food that has vegies hidden in it that the kids will eat - hooray!
I have a this great little muffin type tin at home that has 24 tiny little muffin holes in it, but half filling larger sized muffin tin holes would suit also.

Ingredients: 3 sheets puff pastry, 4 eggs, milk, diced ham, grated cheese, assorted finely diced vegies of your choice - i use peas, corn, carrot and beans.

Make: I spray my muffin tray with canola spray and then cut out my circles in my puff pastry with an egg ring. I can get 9 circles out of a sheet and then at the end of the 3 sheets squish and roll the scraps to get some more circles to make 24 in total. Place puff pastry circles in muffin holes. Fill each one with your choice of fillings. Top with your egg/milk mix and put in the oven. My oven I am still getting to know, but around 170 (electric fan forced) for about 20 minutes usually does the trick.

Eat: Let them cool down and serve them up. My two like them with tomato sauce, lol.

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