Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sewing Room Makeover!

My sewing room makeover is almost complete. Just some shelving I think is needed, a noticeboard/whiteboard to help me keep track of orders, and prehaps some art of some sort for the walls as it is looking very bare on the walls and white!
Sewing table (this one measures 2 metres long) and has a set at 5 drawers one end. Plenty of room for both machines and I am just using one chair to slide back and forwards between machines.
Photo taken from the double doors into the room. Fabric storage - looking a little bare as I am waiting on a big shipment of new fabrics due any day now! I am also going to shift the books/magazines up on top when I find myself some really heavy bookends.
Snap press corner. And the fabulous wall hanging I just received from Xena in the Dolls Quilt Swap - perfect size! Plus some rolls of laminate fabrics/chalkcloth.

Crafting table. This is a little space to do my fabric button stuff, gift tags, etc. The big container underneath is my scraps tub.

The computer table measures 1.2 metres long and is perfect for the laptop and printer, and then the filing cabinet snuggly tucked away in the corner.
I am really happy with the set up. I have heaps of room behind me sewing and can see the kids in the room across the entrance way playing while I sew. This room is also at the front of the house so plenty of natural light in the mornings when sewing. I did think about getting another high table for cutting out on, but I still really prefer to sit on the floor to cut out (even with a growing baby belly), so am happy to keep doing that.
Furniture run down:
Ikea - sewing table, computer table, storage cube, white sewing chair.
Officeworks - craft table, filing cabinet.
So what do you think? Any suggestions for brightening it up a little?


  1. You could get embroidery hoops in varied sizes and put some of your favourite fabric pieces in them. Randomly arranged in a small area of the wall space.

  2. everything looks so great! i am jealous of all your space and wish i had an entire room for crafting and sewing. i have a few canvases hanging on my walls that are covered in some of my favorite fabrics. it's a cheap and easy way to brighten up a room. :)

  3. Looks like a great creative space. Can't wait to have my own house and a little workshop :)

  4. Xena's idea is tops. I've seen that and it looks great, plus you can change it out whenever you feel like it:)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your sewing space and am very green indeed!

  5. I would buy a bright rug for the floor to add colour.

    Very jealous of your space ;)

  6. Wow Anna, I love your new room! I'm jealous of all your space - I'm lucky to have my own room, but it's quite small and gets messy so quickly. Mine too is all white at the moment and with my new lights it's now really too white - I'm thinking of doing some stenciling on the walls, I have some tins of hot pink and purple here that I think would look great.

  7. oh how I am missing my sewing room, and my house for that matter! I am currently sewing on a camping table in my caravan annexe lol It looks wonderful


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