Sunday, November 8, 2009

EB Dolls Quilt Swap - what I made . . .

It was opening day yesterday for the EB Dolls Quilt Swap for 2009. Here are some more photos of the quilt I completed as part of the swap. I made for Tania, and you can see some pics of the quilt on her blog with one of her girls who is very happy with the little quilt. The two pink fabrics I used were from Lila Tueller's Santorini collection and the rest of the fabrics are from Sanae's Panache collection. The little birdies tails are made using pale pink bridal tulle. I free motion quilted the quilt in two different coloured pink threads, pale pink for the centre piece and a darker brighter pink around the border where the birdies are.

I am yet to receive my quilt, but am looking forward to it and am in no rush as we are away on holiday's still so hope to come home to a lovely package. You can check out some more of the beautiful quilts made in the EB Quilters Flickr group.

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