Friday, December 4, 2009

Advent Blog-a-long Day #4 - A Christmas Freebie

Upon a quick trip into town this morning we stopped by Coles for a couple of things and found a copy of their free Christmas magazine they put out each year. Choc full of yummy recipes, I am ear marked a few for the lead up to Christmas and for Christmas Day - yummy!

I'm almost ready for the markets this weekend, although very disappointment a parcel of button bits and pieces from the US hasn't arrived that I ordered 2 weeks ago so wont have any button bracelets on offer as a recent wholesale order bought all that I had left : (

And my new labels didn't arrive either, so have a bit of stock here that is going to have to go without labels : (

Oh well, can't be help, guess that is the postal system at Christmas time! Looking forward to a big weekend though and maybe even some Christmas shopping!


  1. I have made the red fruit salad out of that mag, it was to die for, very expensive to make though, as it was at the start of the cherry season

  2. I had a flick through a friends copy the other day - love the Christmas tree cup cakes, they are so cute!

    Nic xxx


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