Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day #7 ~ Jellybean

Nothing crafty - I had a scan of jellybean today.
Everything going well, spot on with my dates, so all good.

Master T came along and was amazed by the images on the screen and the freezing cold goo my Ob put on my belly at the beginning, lol. He kept patting my arm saying its ok mummy, be brave - oh bless his heart, he is such a sensitive loving little man :wub:


  1. Such a special time! My 2 boys tomas and Sean were april babies. Great to have a reassuring scan. Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures.

  2. Congrats!!! It is so lovely seeing the baby on the scan, makes it seem so real.

  3. Georgeous pic Anna! Lily used to love coming the see the "baby doctor" (OB) as we had a mini scan every time and she got to see "her" baby lol

  4. Hi Anna...I found your blog via made it! I'm due in April too! Hope you're feeling well :-)


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