Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day #22 ~ A quilt in a day

Here is a quilt I started and finished yesterday for my friends little baby boy that was born on Monday night. When I put the kids to bed at lunchtime I cut out some random sized strips of fabric, put them together to form two quilt tops (this is a double sided quilt) of about cot quilt size, pressed, sandwiched and began the quilting. My very first attempt at quilting straight lines - I usually just FMQ all my quilts. My straight lines started off well in the middle but as I got to the edges it was obvious i hadn't squared up my fabrics so the lines are a little wonky there but oh well, its handmade with love : )
The better - not so wonky side

Close up of quilting & some of the fabrics used

The wonky side - definitely a lesson learnt in squaring up fabrics BEFORE piecing together

I finshed off the quilting between hubby getting home and the kids going to bed and then sat down in front of the tv to handstitch the binding down after dinner. It just needs a label before giving to little baby Jaxon.


  1. looks great - Im sure it will be treausred!
    Had to laugh at the "I put the children to bed at lunch time" ...sounds like you put them to bed for the night and then quilted to your hearts content LOL

    Nic xxx

  2. lol Nic, no - just lucky to have two little ones that LOVE their sleep and gladly had a nap everyday for a couple hours around lunchtime, and then who sleep through the night as well. One very lucky mummy : )

  3. I can't believe you managed all that in a day! You put me to shame!!! Well done!

  4. Ok, I must admit that I'm slightly jealous that you were able to pull this off in one day. Very cute!


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